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Poets Corner

"Poets Corner" is a remarkable collection of poems that brings together the creative works of talented authors from various parts of the world. The poems in this collection are written by diasporic writers who use their unique perspectives to share their experiences, emotions, and thoughts about the world. These poems are a testament to the power of words and the beauty of diverse cultures, and they offer a glimpse into the hearts and minds of people from all walks of life.


She is an educator, playwright, and award-winning author of a literacy fiction series, five non-fiction books about student resilience, and full-length cultural dramas on African American and Caribbean history, and her poetry has been published in several anthologies. Woman in the Wind is her first book of poetry.

Her ultimate dream is to create an impressive home library retreat and fill at least one shelf with her own authored book series. Water Therapy was her first published collection of poetry. Her new chapbook, Luminescent Ships: Love Songs to Caribbean American Life, celebrates the diaspora in this region.

She is an accomplished storyteller who commands the mastery and extraordinary talent of storytelling, exemplary of her predecessors. Through her imaginative characterizations of people, places, and things, she is able to transport her listeners to the very wonderlands she creates.

Her father supported her education, and she became an accomplished teacher and then a published poet, the first woman in her town to achieve such a feat. 

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