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I am the host "Read This!"

On Read This! I introduce you to Authors that Have followed their passion for creating books and sharing their gift of knowledge and insight with the world. I hope you will be inspired to take your share your creativity with the world

Barbara Frankson
From Religion to Relationship

Barbara E. Frankson An Inspirarional Coach with the John Maxwell Leadership Team. Shares How to turn your pain into your passion and your passion into your purpose!

Andrea St. Louis is a highly intuitive Coach, Writer and Business Consultant with a passion for helping clients to see themselves through her coaching and writing. She is committed to teaching others to embrace authenticity in sharing their stories and finding their “people”. She believes that everyone has gifts that often go unrecognized until we find the courage to tell our stories, make the right connections, and pursue our own unique paths to life, career, and business success.

40 days lighter
Andrea St. Louis
I love me some me
Dr. Hiller
The gift of Silence

Dr. Torise Hiller is the Founder & CEO of ToriseHillerMinistries and, which seeks to provide safety, strength, renewal and transformational support to those in need of inner healing. She is a former English teacher, having specialized in middle school and high school English for over a decade. In addition, she currently works as an adjunct professor and trainer at Essex County College and Passaic County Community College. Dr. Hiller is a traveling independent instructor and educational consultant for Therapy Travelers, Inc. Dr. Hiller is a licensed and ordained minister, certified in pre-marital and marriage counseling, pastoral care, gang counseling, and suicide prevention. An innovator and prolific writer, she makes a significant impact to her community and her clients as a transformational coach and empowerment speaker. As of April 2022, Dr. Hiller was appointed by Governor Murphey to be Commissioner of Passaic Housing Authority.

Dr. Edwina Hamilton Bell, am dedicated and passionate about what I do as a Clinical Psychologist. I enjoy helping individuals maintain a balanced life and to work towards reaching their fullest potential. I am effective at helping individuals to identify their strengths and to promote positive emotional and psychological change. I specialize in conducting comprehensive psycho-educational evaluations to identify both children and adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and school-related learning problems.

Dr. Bell MOM
Moments Of Mindfulness
force of joy.
pam ross

Dr. Pam is the president and lead trainer of Kingdom Leadership Development, a non-profit training and consulting organization. She is also an international authority in the field of development with a progressive focus on organizational health, culture, and engagement for a network of over 50 organizations.

Andrene Bonner is the founder and president of Literacy Gateway Institute, an educational solution business which creates among other tools workshops and seminars for teachers, parents, students and policymakers. She holds graduate degrees in education, language and literacy and an undergraduate degree in theatre arts, dance, acting, and directing. She is an alumna of the Lincoln Center Education Learning Labs for Artists and Educators. Bonner is the award winning author of a published fiction novel Olympic Gardens, which champions a young abandoned protagonist in his search for identity and education. She has also written Ruby, a full-length musical to teach high school students the history and culture of the Harlem Renaissance.

Andrene Bonner
Andrene book
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